Half-Year Gold Mentoring Plan

Half-Year Gold Mentoring Plan

Mentorship - Gold Plan


The objective here is to assist in the professional development of young professionals, in the area of physical education. The mentoring program is an ongoing program, in which the participant adheres to a minimum period of 1 month. The minimum period of 6 months is required for the participant to receive the certificate of participation in the program, but the exit, as long as there is no more interest, can be done at any time.

Mentoring is especially suitable for coaches and physical education professionals, with an interest in improvement in the following areas: exercise physiology, street running, triathlon, endurance training, periodization, monitoring and control of loads, strategies in endurance tests, methods quantitative measures applied to sport and sports nutrition (content taught by a sports nutritionist)

In this program, behavioral and technical aspects related to the sports area will be discussed, with a view to better qualifying the participants, who will have access to exclusive materials.


Gold Plan includes:


1 mini course per month (online, on the Zoom platform), lasting approximately 60 minutes, followed by a discussion on the topic;

1 scientific article discussed per month, with the distribution of the article, the summary of the discussion, as well as its applicability (online, on the Zoom platform), lasting approximately 60 minutes in total;


15 minutes of conversation, per week, via the Zoom platform to discuss topics of interest to the mentoring participant (at a time to be scheduled in advance).


After the payment of the registration in the mentoring, it is necessary to send a whatsapp to 13 981320201 for registration in the specific group)